The thematic workshops organised by Techinnova with its partner Informagiovani, the information service of the Municipality of Milan for young people in Milan, continue.
On Tuesday 16 March, Techinnova, as the organiser of the activity, met the students of the fifth classes of the I.I.S. Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange Applied Sciences high school. The workshop, entitled “Self-entrepreneurship and Innovation: the key words to build a high-tech future”, took place remotely on Tuesday morning, from 10.00 to 12.00.
With the aim of illustrating to young people the numerous scenarios of innovation that can be applied to entrepreneurship, the speakers organised the teaching activity through presentation slides aimed at transferring to the young people in videoconference knowledge, stimuli and fundamental ideas to prepare them for the world of work and self-entrepreneurship. Creativity and innovation, professions of the future, ethics, sustainability and the application of IoT in Industry 4.0 were just some of the topics addressed during the workshop, which was also attended by two interns who gave a direct testimony of their experience at Techinnova.
The didactic proposals were treated with the perspective of concrete and experiential learning methodologies: in fact, the students were given the opportunity to undertake company internships that would allow them to acquire technical and transversal skills in relation to the multiple declinations of the themes of innovation. In this regard, Techinnova has a firm belief in the learning-by-doing approach, in which new recruits are supported and trained by an expert company team, always ready to welcome new talent and to accept and develop innovative ideas and projects.