Today marks the opening of the 7th edition of the 3D Print Lyon Congress & Exhibition, the reference event in France in the field of Additive Manufacturing, scheduled to take place from 5 to 7 April 2022 in Lyon, at the Lyon Eurexpo exhibition centre.

For the event, our engineers from the RnDLab Department have travelled across the Alps with the aim of coming into contact with the most innovative Additive Manufacturing technologies. During the three days, various solutions linked to the world of 3D printing will be presented, with a particular focus on the innovations that Additive Manufacturing is bringing to the design and production phases, thus increasing the competitiveness of companies.

In fact, 3D printing, with its ability to create models, prototypes and customisable products quickly and at a limited cost, represents a real revolution for the world production system. In this respect, the 3D Print Lyon Congress & Exhibition is a unique event at least at European level, dedicated transversally to 3D printing in order to satisfy the growing need for information – and training – in this sector. Numerous fields of application that benefit from 3D printing technologies are involved, such as: the medical field, with specific reference to the prosthetic and orthotic sector; the world of digital engineering; industrial production tout court, with particular regard to the design and optical sector; materials science, with specific focus on the development of multifunctional polymeric materials for additive manufacturing.

Just like our engineers at the fair, the visitors are qualified professionals: planners, designers, architects, engineers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, Med-Tech and Healthcare professionals and software developers.

Tra gli espositori, invece, troviamo non solo produttori di stampanti e scanner 3D, ma anche professionisti attivi nell’ambito dei materiali, delle tecnologie additive e dei nuovi servizi per la stampa 3D.

On top of all this, there is a full calendar of demonstrations, workshops, conferences, debates, exhibitions and technical presentations.

With over 6,000 participants, 300 exhibitors, 100 speakers from around the world and 80 conference and seminar presentations, the event aims to highlight the benefits that 3D printing brings to business in terms of optimising production times, increased innovation, reduced go-to-market time, reduced development costs, reduced waste, as well as the advantages of small batch production and product customisation.