Techinnova is delighted to announce the participation of the innovative startup RIC3D at AI Summit London 2023. This internationally significant event, scheduled for June 14th and 15th during the prestigious London Tech Week, presents an extraordinary opportunity for both Techinnova and RIC3D to showcase Italian innovation beyond national borders.


As a partner and supporter of RIC3D, we are thrilled to share the success that the research group has achieved through their commitment to the field of Artificial Intelligence. RIC3D’s participation within the Italian collective organized by the Italian Trade Agency – ICE emphasizes the excellence of the solutions developed by this innovative startup. Through our close collaboration with a vast network of stakeholders and technological partners, RIC3D has achieved significant results in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

During the AI Summit London, RIC3D will have the opportunity to present two successful Research and Development projects, carried out in direct collaboration with Techinnova and our partner network. The first project, Real Organ Generation (ROG), has resulted in a highly interactive and responsive software application that enables users to simulate virtual surgeries of the heart and other organs. Leveraging a patented method for generating 3D images of pathological tissues, the software has the capability to digitize organs in their actual size and state. This ambitious project aims to revolutionize the healthcare sector by accelerating research, development, and adoption of cutting-edge solutions to deliver top-tier patient care.

The second project, COMMITMENT (Coaching Online Multifunctional through Traditional Knitwear and Nudge Theory approach), aims to enhance people’s well-being through the utilization of smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors. These traditional knitwear garments enable discreet and integrated monitoring of individuals’ health conditions and well-being. Built upon the principles of the “nudge” theory, the project provides personalized support to encourage healthier choices and behaviors, thereby improving overall well-being.


RIC3D’s participation in AI Summit London presents an outstanding opportunity for us to showcase the innovative solutions developed in collaboration with our startup. Our booth located in the AI Summit Expo Zone A will enable us to expand our network and engage with key players in the Artificial Intelligence sector. It will also serve as a platform to share best practices and explore potential strategic partnerships.

AI Summit London 2023, hosted at the renowned Tobacco Dock venue, offers an ideal environment to explore the latest trends and challenges in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We firmly believe that this experience will propel the industry to new levels of innovation.


The Techinnova team is excited to support RIC3D in this significant milestone of their journey. We cordially invite everyone to join us at AI Summit London 2023, where you can witness firsthand how RIC3D, accompanied by the Techinnova task force, is redefining the future of Artificial Intelligence. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and explore the possibilities offered by AI to tackle the most complex challenges and make the world a better place through innovation.