Just a month following the incubation of Bakipro S.r.l., Techinnova is excited to unveil the distinctive characteristics of this freshly founded innovative startup.

Within the vibrant and teeming ecosystem of innovative startups, Bakipro emerges as a trailblazing platform poised to redefine the wellness and home healthcare landscape in Italy. Originating from the ambition to make body care more accessible and cost-effective for all, Bakipro is set to revolutionize the accessibility of healthcare services. It aims to establish itself as the premier app in Italy exclusively dedicated to facilitating at-home wellness service bookings. This in-development platform will facilitate direct communication between clients and a vetted roster of healthcare professionals — including physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, physio-massage therapists, and personal trainers — enabling end-users to effortlessly schedule services in a quick and secure manner.

At the heart of Bakipro’s proposition is its emphasis on customization and flexibility. Clients have the liberty to select the professional that best aligns with their needs and schedule appointments at their convenience, be it at home or the office, ensuring high-quality treatments in total comfort. Simultaneously, Bakipro presents a commission-free platform for professionals to accept bookings and broaden their clientele without incurring extra charges.

Bakipro innovates not only through its service offering but also with its loyalty program, introducing “dobloons,” a virtual currency rewarding app engagement and user fidelity. These dobloons can be collected and utilized to secure discounts on future services, professional subscriptions, course enrollments, and purchases within the Bakipro shop, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

Ultimately, Bakipro aims to do more than just offer a service; it strives to cultivate a community where personal care becomes a collaborative, accessible, and tailored experience. With the support of Techinnova’s incubation, Bakipro is on course to become a pivotal player in the wellness and at-home healthcare sector, showcasing the profound impact of technological innovation on enhancing the quality of life.