With funding obtained from the Lombardy Region and the Lombardy Chamber System under the Agreement for the Development and Competitiveness of the Lombardy System, the working group that includes Effetto Cinema S.r.l. has initiated the development phases of the CIRCULARCITY project, under the “Innovation of Circular Economy Supply Chains in Lombardy – Phase 3” call.

The project’s objective is to create digital oases to be placed in parks across the Lombardy region, adhering to the principles of sustainability and circular economy. Each oasis will be equipped with self-sufficient digital systems, powered by photovoltaic energy generated also through smart cycle-pedestrian paths, and integrated with multi-service vertical systems.

Update: It should be noted that Effetto Cinema S.r.l. was acquired by Techinnova S.p.A. in 2023 through a merger by incorporation into the company.


Beneficiary: Effetto Cinema S.r.l.

Initiative realized under Axis 1 – Promoting the development and competitiveness of the Lombardy economic system

Objective: To support the transition of small and medium-sized enterprises in Lombardy towards a circular economy model, the requalification of Lombardy’s sectors and supply chains, and the competitive repositioning of entire sectors in relation to markets

Action Program 2020 – Agreement for the economic development and competitiveness of the Lombardy system

Project Description: Creation of digital oases to be placed in parks across the Lombardy region. Each oasis will be equipped with self-sufficient digital systems, powered by photovoltaic energy generated through smart cycle-pedestrian paths and integrated with multi-service vertical systems


The CircularCity project aims to create digital oases to be placed in public and easily accessible urban areas, offering services designed to promote social life and based on applications developed according to eco-sustainable and circular economy principles. The project will also contribute to the transition of the involved cities towards a Smart City model, focusing on a wide range of topics including quality of life, environment, health, safety, and active citizen participation in city life.


The CircularCity project aims to contribute to environmental improvement by introducing solutions that benefit green space management, energy quality, air quality, and waste management in the cities utilizing the project’s outputs. The designed solutions are installed in urban and suburban parks and are fully powered by photovoltaic energy, thus avoiding any additional burden on the country’s electrical consumption. Each oasis is equipped with self-sufficient digital systems powered by photovoltaic energy and includes the following features:


PANKA is an intelligent and innovative bench that allows users not only to relax on an ergonomic and comfortable seat but also to charge their electronic devices. It is equipped with 4 fast charge USB ports and a special shelf with 2 fast charge inductors for wireless induction charging.

Moreover, Panka features a special illuminated methacrylate shelf that activates light displays when it detects the presence of a citizen or user. Additionally, the charging access is designed to be accessible for wheelchair users.

The aim is to make Panka a point of social integration and gathering.


PILA is a customizable e-bike charging station, adaptable in terms of color and layout. Constructed from robust, non-deformable, and vandal-proof metalwork, it can be painted or treated with highly protective solutions or made from Corten steel.

PILA is equipped with 8 USB ports, two of which feature Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, allowing the charging of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

The vertical multi-service system is also integrated with a crucial element of cardiac protection through the use of TECATECH™ (a case for AED defibrillators), providing increased safety in public places.


The CircularCity project aims to create digital oases in parks where the presence of a bike path has not yet added significant value. The existing bike path will be modernized by installing photovoltaic panel systems, which will be used to power not only the lighting systems of the path but also the PILA and PANKA systems.

This power system will be implemented in two of the three oases being developed, while the last oasis will be powered by a newly designed solar canopy.

The selected locations for the creation of the first digital oases are:

  • VARESE – Via Jean Henry Dunant, near the University of Insubria
  • BERGAMO – POINT (Technological Innovation Hub of the Province of Bergamo), Via Pasubio, 5, 24044 Dalmine

The project also includes the development of a geolocation app that will allow users to easily locate the installed oases across the country through a graphical interface. The app can be easily updated with the addition of new oases, enabling an increasing number of citizens to benefit from their services.

CircularCity offers products intended for urban furniture that fall under the categories identified by the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) defined by the Ministry of the Environment as part of the application of Green Public Procurement. Specifically, the project aims to create digital islands equipped with charging stations for light electric mobility.

Furthermore, CircularCity enhances the by-products derived from the recycling of plastic and aluminum by actively reintegrating them into the production cycle necessary for creating the project’s implemented products.








Pradella Sistemi S.r.l. is an innovative startup founded by Furio and Ciro Pradella in June 2015. The company’s core business is the production of USB charging systems for mobile phones, bicycles, cars, and cardioprotection (defibrillators).


BYS ITALIA – BICY SOLAR STREET is an innovative startup that creates cycle-pedestrian paths integrated with photovoltaic energy production systems embedded in the pavement. The generated energy is then transferred to adjacent high-energy consumers (under SEU contracts). The company is promoted by InfinityHub, a holding company that develops energy efficiency projects.


Effetto Cinema S.r.l. was founded in 2012 as an innovative startup by three young professionals with diverse yet complementary backgrounds. The agency operates in the field of integrated communication and event management services, specializing primarily in the dissemination of results from R&D projects in the technological and scientific fields.