Techinnova – supported by the Innogrow accelerator – is heading back to Dubai, where just a few months ago it participated as exhibitor in the 2021 edition of Wetex & Dubai Solar Show (as part of EXPO DUBAI) and where in November last year it signed its first collaboration agreement with the prestigious American University in Dubai (AUD).

It is heading back there for Gulfood 2022, the largest food and beverage processing and packaging show in the Middle East, Asia and Africa; the annual event will be held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai, 13th to 17th on February, 2022.

As part of the entrepreneurial delegation organized by Assolombarda, Techinnova and Innogrow will be attending the fair to first-hand experience the megatrends and innovations that are currently redefining the food sector. The agenda of the “Food” mission will include meetings with specific stakeholders in the world of Food & Beverage in Dubai, as well as the participation in the ICE’s Innovation Talk “Italian technologies for Sustainable Agriculture and Circular Economy” and, of course, the visit to the Gulfood Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The exhibition will be an opportunity to connect over 98.000 visitors from more than 190 countries with around 5.000 innovation players, who will be arranged in 120 pavilions and ready to present the most advanced tools for implementing business in the Food & Beverage market.

Techinnova operating team will be presenting to potential investors and partners, visitors or corporate groups, its main R&D projects in the field of Aquaponics – CircularPonic and Acqualife, both focused on agricultural and food innovations. The projects led to the implementation of pilot plants integrated with monitoring systems functional to the aquaponic production chain: all this, in view of a transition towards circular economy models. As an added value, prototype traceability systems based on blockchain technologies have been designed and integrated. Aquaponic plants are able to produce marketable outputs (such as supply chain-controlled fish and vegetables) from the re-use and conversion of industrial by-products. Through the illustration of these innovative production models, Techinnova and partner companies aim at raising awareness of “food security” as well as promoting efficient use of sustainable resources.

The aquaponics projects we will be presenting are in line with Gulfood’s main topics. In fact, our aquaponics systems for the production of food with a positive impact have been receiving numerous requests from the catering world (especially in the Mantua area), which is increasingly looking for sustainable and quality food to be offered on the table.

The aquaponics projects that we will present are in line with the main topics of Gulfood. The aquaponics systems for the production of food with a positive impact, in fact, have received numerous requests from the world of catering (especially in the Mantua area), increasingly looking for sustainable and quality food to offer on the table. Our systems are able to meet not only the needs of the restaurant industry, but also environmental and production needs: on the one hand, they ensure a higher yield and faster plant growth, while limiting the intervention of the operator; on the other hand, they eliminate the need for herbicides and fertilizers, while minimizing soil erosion, water consumption and pollution levels, which have reached a limit no longer tolerable.

Our goal, therefore, is to conquer with aquaponics products the interest of an increasing number of chefs and important realities of high catering, who pay attention to the quality and sustainability of the cultivated species.