Techinnova S.p.A., as an incubator of innovative startups – certified by MiSE – that strongly believes in globalization and internationalization, will participate in the national edition of the “Export Italia” Award organized by Uniexport Manager – the Association that groups consultants and managers who deal with internationalization.

Even in the face of a contribution from the whole of Southern Italy equal to only 10.3% of total national exports, the “Export Italy” Award was created with the aim of raising the level of awareness of most of the MPMIs with respect to the opportunities offered by international markets. The relevance of the initiative also emerges from its goal of providing non-exporting companies, or occasional exporters, with strategies and models for success in global exports. Massimo Cugusi – President of the “Export Italia” Award – believes, in fact, that the sharing of positive examples in the sector can motivate these companies to undertake a process of internationalization with conviction and confidence, which is necessary today to maintain competitiveness in a constantly evolving market.

The Award – sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by Unioncamere – enjoys the support of a dense network of high-profile partners, among which BPER Banca stands out as Main Partner. In the period between July and September 2021, Sardinia promoted the first regional pilot phase of the project, which saw the application of 62 companies, 20 of which were selected for the final, 17,000 visitors to the award site and more than 1700 people registered to cast their votes online. Building on the success of the pilot project, the initiative has taken on a national dimension, kicking off the regional qualifiers throughout Italy with the Modena stage on April 27, 2022.

The process of selection and evaluation of companies is configured as complex and articulated, in order to involve all the actors involved, including a Technical Jury, composed of representatives and experts from the economic and business world, called to award the deserving companies with category and special prizes. The overall prize, on the other hand, is awarded by the recipients of the mobilization message through online voting via the following site:

The award aims at enhancing export success stories, and is therefore attributed to companies and to internal and external professional figures (such as, for example, the export manager or the foreign trade director) who have contributed to the achievement of results on global markets. Giuseppe Vargiu, President of Uniexportmanager, underlines the importance of fostering a culture of internationalization. Therefore, the insertion, even temporary, of the professional figure of the Export Manager can be of great benefit to move in this direction, since he knows the dynamics of world markets and can provide for the creation of a network of contacts and relationships with foreign countries.

It should also be noted that at the end of the regional phases, scheduled for the end of the year, there will be a final ceremony during which all the award-winning subjects will be present and an e-book will be produced with the “One hundred and more success stories of Italian exports”, a good practice catalog for companies that are still disoriented or not equipped to cross national borders.

We are therefore honored to be able to participate in such an initiative, since it sets goals in which Techinnova firmly believes and places as its manifesto, namely the importance of targeting foreign markets with greater awareness, in order to bridge the gap that can lead to a real culture in favor of internationalization.