The campaign by Solaris Solutions, an Emirates startup specializing in energy solutions and services, whose goal is to make electricity accessible to everyone in a sustainable and renewable way, wherever you are, turned out to be a great success.

The equity crowdfunding campaign, launched on Dubai Next by Solaris Solutions, raised AED 30,150,00, thus exceeding the originally set goal by the startup team.

As a Professional Investor, Techinnova is among the investors who believe in and will take an active part in Solaris Solutions’ project to build an off-grid autonomous solar system inspired by the unreliability of electricity supply in various regions of the Middle East due to wars and crises. Further prompting was the growing dangers of climate change and increasing carbon footprint levels.

“This is our first crowdfunding campaign and it is achieved. We look forward to our collaboration with Techinnova and creating more #innovations to help in creating a more advanced and facilitated world” expressed his enthusiasm thus, Ghaith Albastanli, CEO & Founder of Solaris Solutions, whose passion is to create technology solutions to improve people’s lives.

Techinnova – through its accelerator program Innogrow – has since the beginning been willing to invest in the innovative startup created within AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (AEIC) program. This investment is the first made under the agreement entered into between Techinnova and one of the most prestigious universities in the United Arab Emirates, namely the American University in Dubai (AUD), and the end result of this action has been more than satisfactory.

We congratulate, therefore, the Solaris Solutions Team on this first major goal achieved and look forward to continuing to cultivate this positive and auspicious professional partnership.