Milan, Nov. 3, 2022 – The meeting that took place on Thursday, Oct. 2022, between Fabrizio Cortese (Co-Founder & Legal Representative of Immobiliare FALCO S.r.l.) and Riccardo Roggeri (CEO & Founder of Techinnova S.p.A.) was successfully concluded.

Immobiliare FALCO and Techinnova have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of a hub in which hosting creative initiatives related to architecture, art, design, music and education at FALCO’s spaces located in Milan, via Scutari 3 – hence the name Spazio Culturale SC3. The very location of the new space suggests its nature as a privileged pole of conjunction between young people and businesses: located within the Turro district, in the NoLo (North of Loreto) area, close to the Milan headquarters of the San Raffaele hospital – which also hosts, among other things, university courses of excellence – and the Liceo Artistico Caravaggio, this space comes to be located in a very lively and innovative neighborhood, undergoing strong urban redevelopment and regeneration.

The stipulation of this Collaboration Agreement originates from a common interest that binds the Techinnova incubator and FALCO Real Estate with respect to the objectives of fostering culture understood both in its more strictly entrepreneurial component and in a broader sense. In fact, this joint project – launched at the new headquarters of Immobiliare Falco and of which Techinnova is the main partner – stems from the experimental initiative of Architect Silvia Cortese, who since 2019 has promoted the Immobiliare’s purchase of the building with a view to recovering degraded properties in semi-peripheral neighborhoods, as well as revitalizing them through artistic and cultural initiatives.

The project, therefore, also includes the establishment of a scientific committee under the direction of the one who is its direct creator, Silvia Cortese, former partner and administrator of Immobiliare FALCO S.r.l., with the intention of giving birth to a youth training Academy.

The synergy that comes into being and destined to remain in all phases of this joint project will act as a guarantor for the development of knowledge and Innovation, in order to support and foster the emergence of entrepreneurial opportunities in the national and international arena.

Below are some photos recounting the highlights of the signing of the Collaboration Agreement.