Financial Research

Analysis of internal business requirements

Choosing facilitated finance instrument

Proposal of the projects in the identified calls

Reporting of the financial requests

Bank credit research for cash flow management

Drafting of advanced Business Plans

Market Analysis

Analysis of technical scientific feasibility

Research of public funding

Realization of investments budget

Redaction of the economic financial plan to 3 or 5 years

Choosing governance plan

Way out analysis of potential investments

SWOT Analysis

Market research and marketing services

Creation of business networks and synergies

Research of commercial partners

Assistance in creation or insertion in networks or clusters

Business internationalization

Analysis of international markets

Identification of business plan for authorized countries

Creation of a personalized business and communication plan

Contact with potential clients

Mediation with customers until the contract signing phase

Development of business networks

Analysis of technical and economical financial feasibility

Redaction of the network statute

Study of the business model

Identification of the governance

Choosing the governance plan

Implementation of the R&D and plan of technological and commercial network development

Legal and contractual assistance

MTA (Material Transfer Agreement)

NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

Licensing Agreements

Trade agreements with single and multi-firm agents

Assistance to the start-up phases

Drafting of the business plan

Search for technological partners: companies, academics, freelancers

Analysis of the required certifications at the start of enterprise

Creation of logos, coordinated images, websites and business portals

Search for commercial and industrial partners

Protection and promotion of intellectual property

Critical analysis of technology

Priority searches for patents and trademarks

Drafting and filing of national and international patents

Store the international and national brands

Legal assistance for action of transfer and licensing of industrial rights

Venture Capitalist and Equity Crowdfunding internationally

Research and preposition of different financial reality

Research and preposition of investments

Assistance for the interlocution and mediation with investors