Through the funding obtained from Regione Lombardia within the Regional Operational Programme POR FESR 2014-2020 (co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund), Techinnova realised the achievement of important objectives and goals related to corporate internationalisation activities.

Indeed, through the International Relaunch (IR) project, the working group had the opportunity to participate in the main international trade fair held annually on Lombardy soil, SMAU Milan.

Firmly establishing itself as the ideal meeting platform for the entire innovation ecosystem, the event involved all innovation players, from large digital players to start-ups, from corporations to enablers, all the way to local public administrations that play a fundamental role in fostering the growth and development of innovative enterprises in the region.

International Relaunch (IR)

Recipient: Techinnova S.p.A.

Initiative implemented under Priority Axis III – Promoting the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Goal: Investment in growth and employment

Action III.3.b.1.2 – Creation of opportunities for meetings between Italian and foreign entrepreneurs aimed to attract investments and promote trade agreements and other active information and promotion initiatives addressed to potential foreign investors

Project Description: Participation in international trade fairs in Lombardy in order to promote initiatives useful for the creation of opportunities for meetings between the company and foreign entrepreneurs, with a view to attracting investment and promoting trade agreements

Thanks to its participation in the SMAU 2022 event, Techinnova undertook initiatives aimed at creating opportunities for meetings between the company and entrepreneurs on a global scale, with a view to attracting foreign investments, promoting transnational trade agreements and other information and dissemination initiatives of the main R&D projects carried out in the role of lead partner or technology partner.

The internationalisation activities carried out by the Team, therefore, led first and foremost to a considerable increase in turnover. At SMAU 2022 alone, more than 50 contacts were made through the exhibition of the main R&D projects on display, pertaining to the MedTech, AgriTech and Sustainable Tourism sectors, with a consequent enlargement of the respective project networks, which were already semi-international in nature. This result was accompanied by a substantial increase in profits, linked to the hoped-for “cascading return” on the economic and social benefits of the turnover of the various projects resulting from the establishment of new partnerships.

To the milestones, we must also add the competitive advantages derived from the achievement of an economy of scale, made possible by the impressive growth process that allowed Techinnova to access new financial resources, and the successful risk diversification strategy.

The latter has seen internationalisation actions as an extremely effective weapon for reducing Techinnova’s dependence on a single market (the domestic one), enabling it to overcome any recessionary periods relating to individual reference markets: highly innovative projects such as MMM, MyPonic and TRATOO have thus been able to enter broader commercial sectors, providing decisive responses to the growing globalisation of markets.

In order to maximise and facilitate the realisation of these objectives, as well as the meeting with managers and business decision makers attending SMAU 2022, Techinnova specifically designed an exhibition space within which activities – such as workshops, presentations and demonstrations – were organised to attract as many stakeholders and visitors as possible.

Riccardo's interventions during the Live Show can be viewed from minute 07:20 and minute 45:05 of the video.

An overview of the panelists attending the Live Show.

The Speaking Session held by Riccardo Roggeri (CEO & Founder of Techinnova), during the Live Show event “Innovation 4.0: the cities of the future are here” held at Studio Tv 1, finally offered us the opportunity to present to the panel of Executives and Stakeholders – as well as to the audience present – not only the reality of the incubator in all its facets and synergies, but also the main R&D projects we are developing in the Medical, Aquaponics and Sustainable Tourism sectors.

The accurate explanations on the development of the projects and the number of contacts potentially interested in them, in the end, only confirmed the success of Techinnova’s participation in the fair, laying, among other things, an excellent foundation for possible future participation.