Techinnova S.p.A. is pleased to announce that it has invested in the innovative startup Acca Industries s.r.l. (AHA) through its Innogrow acceleration programme. MTM s.r.l. also participated in the investment.

Why did we invest?

Acca Industries s.r.l. (AHA) has developed and patented a device for the generation of hydrogen and oxygen that can be used in endothermic engines, thus making a valid contribution to the need to modernise the vehicle fleet. The ageing of the vehicle fleet has a serious environmental impact and represents a crucial problem for vehicle quality and safety.

With its innovative technology, the Acca Industries s.r.l. team. (AHA) provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly transitional solution, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, reducing fuel consumption and making engines less polluting. The product therefore plays a crucial role in the transition from endothermic to sustainable engines.

The company has come up with three different product lines: HyMoov (for buses, trucks, vans, tractors and agricultural machinery), HyDro (marine sector), HyGen (cogeneration sector and stationary engines). The decision was made to focus initially on the tractor, co-generator and fishing vessel markets – the Italian fishing sector, providing important support to those operating in these sectors.

The distinctive feature of the company in the marketplace is its ability to have developed a compact, industrialised device with high levels of safety and compliance with current standards. Acca Industries s.r.l.’s (AHA) significant role in realising sustainable mobility by conceiving, designing and manufacturing the device. (AHA) in achieving sustainable mobility by conceiving, designing and developing all devices in-house.