Techinnova is pleased to announce its investment – made through its Innogrow accelerator program – in Solaris Solutions, one of the innovative startups created within AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (AEIC) program. This investment is part of an agreement between Techinnova and one of the most prestigious universities in the United Arab Emirates: the American University in Dubai (AUD). The primary goal of the agreement is to invest in startups with the highest degree of disruptive innovation flagged by the university itself, and Solaris Solutions stands as one of them.

Why did we invest?

Solaris Solutions is a startup specializing in energy solution products and services whose aim is to make electricity accessible to everyone in a sustainable and renewable way, wherever you are. Specifically, SolarisBox is a fully integrated system that contains batteries to store energy and provide electricity, which can be recharged through renewable energy resources (solar, wind) and through power outlets. In addition, the Solaris Solutions Team designed a Solar Panels suit case SolarisPS 100 (Solaris Panels Suitcase 100) that is unique in design makes it portable, and user friendly.

SolarisBox has two main target areas:

  • Entertainment and commercial uses such as camping, outdoor activities, and construction sites.
  • Emergency or Humanitarian uses such as the rural areas, refugee camps, or areas of natural disasters which have a power outage.

In fact, the system aims to address a number of critical issues, such as the absence in remote locations of electricity, which makes it inaccessible to 8.7 million refugees. Other issues are related to the high cost of electricity from suppliers and the lack of clean power generation; indeed, electricity generation from fossil fuels causes half of global warming pollution.

Techinnova, therefore, immediately declared its readiness to invest in Solaris Solution, a startup that intends to promote the use of renewable energy and help reduce its carbon footprint in an innovative and sustainable way through the creation of an autonomous off-grid solar system.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish the entire Solaris Solutions Team all the best in their work.