Techinnova S.p.A. is pleased to announce that it has invested in the innovative startup Texer s.r.l. through its Innogrow acceleration programme.

Why did we invest?

The Texer s.r.l. team emphasises the key role of employees in achieving the company’s objectives, stressing the importance of creating a working environment that stimulates staff involvement and participation through the implementation of a reward system. The latter makes it possible to tackle the particularly widespread problem – especially in large companies – of low employee motivation, which has negative effects on individual and organisational levels.

Founded with the aim of creating a software that would allow companies to save money on employee travel, Texer s.r.l. has now extended its field of action by creating a software for staff incentives that covers three areas: sales, travel, and general objectives. It also offers tailor-made services for the client company, capable of motivating and empowering workers through rewards for achieving results, with the aim of introducing new functions into the software to further meet the company’s requirements and needs. The company’s idea – a thesis acknowledged also at an academic level – is that even small incentives can increase the proactiveness of individuals, helping the organisation to achieve its collective goals.

Texer s.r.l. is therefore to be credited with creating a win-win system, in which the incentivised employee is given recognition for his work and encouraged to be more innovative, creative, and proactive, with a positive impact on productivity and company turnover. In addition, part of the bonuses are presentable in the form of Gift Vouchers, thus falling under Fringe Benefits, reducing company costs and representing a further advantage for the client company.