As a MiMIT-certified innovative startup incubator, Techinnova S.p.A. is pleased to announce its investment in innovative startup Woodsound S.r.l., implemented through its Innogrow accelerator program.

Why did we invest?

Woodsound S.r.l. is an innovative startup focused on the design, production and marketing of sound reproduction devices made from solid wood.

The startup’s purpose is to produce innovative, high-quality Hi-Fi products using only wood from environmentally sustainable sources.

Woodsound’s idea stems from the natural disaster of the Vaia storm, which struck the forests of Veneto and Trentino in October 2018, felling nearly two million trees. Although the effects of the exceptional wave of bad weather are still visible in our mountains, for Woodsound the calamity presented an opportunity to transform the remnants of the storm into cabinets, speakers, amplifiers and liquid music players, thus giving new life to a noble material like wood.

In the same spirit of environmental responsibility, Woodsound supports the Trentino Tree Agreement project and the Paneveggio State Forest, allocating part of the proceeds from the sale of products for the new planting of damaged forests.

Using wood as the main material for the production of acoustic loudspeakers and tube amplifiers allows Woodsound to take advantage of the exceptional acoustic properties of this material characterized by less resonance than metal and less impact on sound quality. As the company motto “Sound at its best” states, this contributes to the goal of restoring in High Fidelity all the emotion of the sound event.

Wood, the undisputed protagonist of the Woodsound project, is processed with different woods and special sawing techniques, ensuring a functional approach to achieve the desired sound effects. With already three International Patent applications filed, Woodsound is positioned at the forefront of the production of handcrafted Hi-Fi products that combine innovation, design and sustainability.