IP and technological tansfer

Intellectual Property

Protection of the intellectual property

Techinnova offre la sua esperienza pluriennale nel settore per identificare e proporre una strategia personalizzata di protezione della Proprietà Intellettuale sviluppata dall’azienda.

Critical analysis of technologies and elaboration of technological state of the art

Priority searches for patents and trademarks

Writing and the storage (Drafting and filing) of national and international patents (through accredited partners)

Upgrade (enhancement) of the intellectual property

Legal and contractual assistance for action of transfer and licensing of industrial rights

Technological Transfer 

Technological Transfer 

Techinnova offers technology transfer services from universities to companies or between companies assisting in the drafting of licensing contracts, the creation of spin-offs or the creation of networks.

Read, interpret and absorb the individual discoveries made in the different disciplinary fields



Aggregate skills

Giving rise to systemic and innovative solutions that could more easily find the interest of the market

Find useful partners for TT activities

Realize TT plans

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