Techinnova is gearing up to participate in the prestigious Key Energy event in Rimini with its R&D project H2E – Hydrogen To Everyone.

At the core of the H2E project lies its extraordinary vision, aiming to leverage often overlooked resources – specifically, livestock and aquaculture waste – to produce green hydrogen, a clean and sustainable energy source destined for use in traditional diesel engines of agricultural tractors and fishing vessels. The ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impact, in terms of carbon footprint, of two of the most challenging sectors to “decarbonize”: agriculture and fishing.

The synergy of various companies, brought together under the auspices of Techinnova, has given rise to a strategic partnership in Lombardy that has consolidated into a complete (Open type) supply chain for the production, storage, and utilization of green hydrogen.

The event integrated into the Key Energy fair in Rimini, entitled “Strengthening the Hydrogen Ecosystem through Cross-Regional Collaboration and Innovation“, scheduled for Friday, March 1st, 2024, will provide Techinnova and the H2E project with an important platform to present and share their ideas, establish strategic collaborations, and contribute to the development of regional innovation ecosystems linked to hydrogen and related energy technologies. In particular, during the “H2 Pitching and Matchmaking Emilia-Romagna” session, Techinnova will present its H2E project to an audience of representatives from leading companies in the sector and from research centers and institutes, with the possibility of receiving expressions of interest from potential new supply chain partners and benefiting from European funding.

The event, therefore, represents an opportunity for Techinnova not only to showcase the H2E project at a flagship event in the hydrogen sector but also to catalyze new partnerships and promote the diffusion of green hydrogen as the energy resource of the future.