Our 4 Laboratories


Techinnova collaborates with Biotica, MTM and Ric3D for the Circularponic breeding project with IoT and CS technologies.

The water used for fish breeding is also used for plant cultivation, this creates an exchange between the aquaponic breeding flora and fauna. The waste and spillovers are substantially null: indeed, the waste generated by fishes becomes a nutritional substance for the plants that filter clean water back to the fishes. It is a virtuos cycle where the resources are not wasted but are rather upcycled.

IoT (Internet of Things) and CS (Cyber Security) technologies are the most innovative elements of our aquaponic breeding project, that allows for example, to track the breeding parameters of the fishes, control their feeding habits, and correct any anomalies, to monitor water quality and much more.


Our mathematical-statistical and economic-financial model laboratory is registered on Questio of Regione Lombardia.

In our laboratory of mathematical-statistical models we follow 9 different phases of research.

  • PHASE 1 Analysis of the requirements and parameters to be evaluated and the objectives to be achieved
  • PHASE 2 Definition of the mathematical model underlying the project
  • PHASE 3 Definition and initial creation of verification and measurement models
  • PHASE 4 Preparation of the data collection and analysis project. Organisation and population of the test database.
  • PHASE 5 Mathematical-statistical analysis of the collected data and realization of the final models, definitive in phases 2 and 3
  • PHASE 6 Assistance in writing the SW specifications of the platform in which the model will be inserted
  • PHASE 7 Definition of the user interface model
  • PHASE 8 FeedBack collection and analysis and testing
  • PHASE 9 Minor adjustments based on feedback


Techinnova collaborates with various companies, institutes and universities for the research and development of 3D and VR printing technologies for the medical sector. In particular, Techinnova took part in the MED3D project whose goal is to strengthen the faith of the sanitary sector in new technologies, to accelerate research, development, and adoption of said technologies, to provide greater and better care to patients.

ESA LABORATORY : Electronic, Sensors, and Arduino

The ESA laboratory studies and develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions related to the medical, green building, circular economy, agrifood, fashion and design sectors.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary and multi-experiential approach, our researchers collaborate with companies and institutions to find new methods of approaching existing complex systems, solving industrial needs and requirements of all kinds.

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