Our 4 Laboratories


With the collaboration of Biotica, Techinnova carries out the development of laboratory dedicated to aquaponic design processes. In particular, the partner companies cooperate to develop projects dedicated to the implementation of innovative breeding facilities, equipped with IoT and CS technologies, through which it is possible to create a system of product tracking, but also control and monitor the breeding parameters and water.

Techinnova collaborates with Biotica, Nutritech, MTM and Ric3D on the Circularponic project, which uses and optimizes the fundamental principles of aquaponics.


Techinnova collaborates with innovative companies, institutes and universities and, in synergy with these partners, creates R&D projects in the field of both 3D Printing technologies and the application of Virtual Reality to the medical sector. In particular, Techinnova has collaborated in the MED3D project, which aims to apply Virtual Reality to a sector that until now has been based on mainly traditional means of investigation. The anticipated outcome of this project is the strategic use of innovative tools for diagnosis in the medical field.


Our MathLab is dedicated to the development of mathematical-statistical and economic-financial models. In this laboratory, research is divided into nine different phases:

  • PHASE 1 Analysis of the requirements and parameters to be evaluated and the objectives to be achieved
  • PHASE 2 Definition of the mathematical model underlying the project
  • PHASE 3 Definition and initial creation of verification and measurement models
  • PHASE 4 Preparation of the data collection and analysis project. Organisation and population of the test database.
  • PHASE 5 Mathematical-statistical analysis of the collected data and realization of the final models, definitive in phases 2 and 3
  • PHASE 6 Assistance in writing the SW specifications of the platform in which the model will be inserted
  • PHASE 7 Definition of the user interface model
  • PHASE 8 FeedBack collection and analysis and testing
  • PHASE 9 Minor adjustments based on feedback


The ESA (Electronics, Sensors and Arduino) lab studies and develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions related to the following sectors: medical, green building, circular economy, agrifood, fashion and design.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary and pluri-experiential approach, our researchers collaborate with companies and institutes to find new methods of approach to the existing complex systems, solving industrial needs and requirements of any kind.

In particular, Techinnova – in collaboration with Maglificio Creazioni Alice, MTM and SNJ Media Studio – has participated in the COMMITMENT project, with the aim of providing online monitoring and coaching tools beneficial to all citizens.