Light Therapy – Light 4 Life

Smart environments, an advanced home automation platform

About 35% of the world’s population, on average, has a deflected mood condition.
Studies have shown how the environment, particularly light, effectively improves mood and cognitive function through biologically based mechanisms of action.

The benefits of light therapy, environments and services to support the person

The effects of light therapy are also found to have benefits in supporting motivation for change in healthy lifestyles and engagement of people in relational settings. The need is to bring light therapy in a personalized and on-the-needs manner to people’s daily living environments.
The project aims to develop services and products to create intelligent environments that serve people’s mental and cognitive health and well-being by fruiting the effects of light.

In the project Techinnova was responsible for the following activities: creation of the application scenarios (requirements, roles, indicators), light body design and development of the communication and data transmission interface with the platforms.