On 21 September 2021, the first MotorBella – Automobili-D was inaugurated at the M1 Concourse exhibition centre in Pontiac, a major suburb of Detroit, Michigan.

MotorBella represents the most important US trade show of 2021 not only in the automotive sector, but also in the fields of AI, Smart City, Big Data and Industry 4.0. In the context of the fair, Agenzia-ICE, as official sponsor of the event, organised a collective participation in Automobili-D: this is an event dedicated to companies with a high degree of technological innovation, startups and spin-offs interested in interconnecting and deepening technological, entrepreneurial and scientific collaborations in the field of future mobility platforms.

In particular, Automobili-D, as the “Innovation Pavilion” of MotorBella, offered exhibiting companies and start-ups not only an exhibition space but also a match-meeting programme, a pitch competition in the presence of companies and investors in the “Mobility” sector, and technical-seminar sessions accompanied by networking events.

In the exhibition space set up by the ICE Chicago office, the promotion of Italian technology took place through the presentation of companies present both in person and virtually – including Techinnova. To promote the presence of the exhibitors in a more dynamic way, ICE created an interactive kiosk called “Test Drive Our Exhibitors,” where visitors could select promotional videos for each of the participating Italian companies by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

As a member of the Cluster SCC Lombardia network of companies, Techinnova participates in several R&D projects that aim to develop innovative green technologies and smart solutions to support the transition of cities towards a Smart City model: it is on the strength of this vision that Techinnova has been selected by ICE to represent Italian innovation in the US.

For more information on the selected Italian companies, please visit https://www.id.ice.it/upcoming-events/motor-bella-2021-exhibitors .