On December 7, 2021, at the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow, the hybrid format forum “Nobel Vision. Open Innovation 2.0.”

At the panel, winners of Nobel Prizes, Wolf Prizes, Fields Medals and other honorary awards will gather at Technopark Skolkovo; representatives of government and innovative companies will also be present.

The Forum is dedicated to the theme “Discovering Next Tech”; in particular, topics related to the pandemic and the related spread of digitalization, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues, quality of life and future technologies will be discussed. World-renowned scientists will bring to light topics of common interest and will communicate to the public what knowledge humanity possesses in these areas at present, so that later, on the basis of the reflections and debates shared, a path of future technological development can be outlined. Attention will also focus on the emergence of new markets, favored by new scientific discoveries and the most innovative technological solutions: it will therefore be important to evaluate the perception that technological entrepreneurs have regarding these megatrends, to understand the impact they could have in the creation of these new markets.

As already mentioned, the Forum will be held in a “hybrid” participation mode:

offline, therefore “in person” at the Technopark of Skolkovo;
online, in the LIVE section of the Forum website: https://openinnovations.ru/.
“Nobel Vision. Open Innovation 2.0” is an evolutionary stage in the development path of the international Open Innovations Forum, which over the past 9 years has become one of the most influential platforms for scientific debate – dedicated to innovation – in the country and the world. The Forum is one of the official events of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia.

For more information about the Forum and the program structure, please visit the dedicated website at the link: https://openinnovations.ru/en/ .