We are thrilled to announce that two of our incubated companies, Nutritech S.r.l. and Azienda Agricola Biotica, have been featured in a prominent article in the renowned Giornale di Brescia. Their exceptional aquaponics project, involving high-quality tench farming, salad production, and zero-impact energy generation, has captured the attention of readers and showcased the potential of sustainable innovation.

These two entities collaborated with Clusane’s Al Porto restaurant to bring this cutting-edge vision to life. Through this revolutionary partnership, the project successfully tackled the challenge of fish scarcity for Clusane’s signature dish, the exquisite baked tench, while also paving the way for new horizons in sustainable agriculture and ecological energy.

Click below to read the full article in Giornale di Brescia and discover how the innovation from these two incubated companies by Techinnova S.p.A. is reshaping the future of agriculture, aquaculture, and the environment!