Techinnova is delighted to announce that it has received an extensive feature in the bi-weekly Eco di Biella. We are happy to give credit for this mention to CriPax Creations, whose researchers have done the entire operating network of Techinnova, RIC3D and MTM proud, thanks to the extraordinary results obtained within the MED3D project.

In fact, the young entrepreneurial reality – by now a veteran among our incubated startups – crowned the three hard years of work spent in the realisation of the pilot project with the patenting of the invention itself, followed by a targeted communication campaign through the participation in specialised trade fairs in the healthcare sector. It is in this context that the participation of the Techinnova, RIC3D and MTM cluster at GITEX 2020 in Dubai should be read, where Cri Pax Creations received the immense honour of having its virtual heart project for the simulation of surgical practices exhibited.