Last Wednesday, November 29, witnessed the debut of Planetario S.r.l. in the realm of innovation—a new entity in the innovative e-commerce landscape characterized by a distinctive focus on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Incubated from its inception within Techinnova and accelerated through the Innogrow program, this company stands as a tangible manifestation of innovation applied to both online and offline commerce. As a Benefit Corporation, Planetario promotes its own products and services, fostering commercial paths closely tied to green principles such as energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, and the use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

The commercial activities conducted through various modes—B2B, B2C, and B2B2C, both online via website and Progressive Web App and offline through physical spaces—all revolve around a cardinal core: a sustainable and ecological approach that permeates every phase of the commercial process.

Planetario is committed to offering a wide range of meticulously selected products and services aimed at ensuring maximum environmental sustainability and citizen well-being. This spans from eco-friendly materials for 3D printing, office and designer furniture, energy-saving and water-saving systems, pollution monitoring to wearable devices in the medical sector. Reducing environmental impact and individual well-being remain top priorities, alongside the promotion of conscientious commercial practices.

Simultaneously, the company leverages cutting-edge technologies to optimize the customer decision-making process. The use of artificial intelligence models, blockchain, machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) enables Planetario to offer personalized solutions aligned with consumer preferences, thereby strengthening the connection between supply and demand.

But that’s not all. Planetario also aims to promote research, technological development, and social and cultural growth. “Through conventions, seminars, and workshops, the company is committed to raising awareness and developing skills in sustainability and innovation”, stated Maria Chiara Gatti, CEO of the newly established startup. Specifically, Planetario S.r.l. endeavors to educate consumers about the importance of responsible purchasing, ensuring a careful selection of eco-friendly products. The use of eco-compatible and recyclable materials is a fundamental pillar of the company’s offering, and its commitment is to ensure that the products meet the highest sustainability standards.

Marco Gironi, co-founder of Planetario, stated: “We are determined to redefine the paradigms of e-commerce, creating an experience that combines environmental sustainability, advanced technologies, and social responsibility.”

Techinnova, through the Innogrow program, will continue to support Planetario’s growth journey by providing strategic resources and mentorship to consolidate its position in the sustainable e-commerce market.