We are pleased to announce that Techinnova participated with great interest in the Plenary Assembly of Founders and Members of the Cluster Technologies Foundation for Smart Cities & Communities – Lombardy, held on Tuesday, April 18th at Palazzo Pirelli.

During the meeting, Cluster Manager Massimo di Domenico presented a detailed report on the activities carried out by the Cluster in the last 6 months, highlighting the achieved results and future prospects for promoting innovative technologies for Smart Cities and intelligent Communities in Lombardy. The President of the SCC Cluster, Fabio Germagnoli, also took the opportunity to extend a heartfelt greeting to all participants, reaffirming the importance of the Cluster’s work in promoting technological development and sustainable innovation throughout the Lombardy region.

The event represented an important moment of comparison and exchange of information among all Members, while also providing a significant opportunity for sharing ideas, strategies and projects with institutional representatives, stakeholders and professionals in the sector. The presence of the Councilor for University, Research and Innovation of the Lombardy Region, Alessandro Fermi, confirmed the commitment of the regional institution to innovation and technological development.

The agenda also included the election of the new Board of Directors of the Foundation, with the presentation of candidates and the election itself, which was exclusively reserved for Founders. In this regard, we are pleased to announce that Techinnova CEO, Riccardo Roggeri, was re-elected to the Board of Directors with the highest number of votes, confirming the important role of the incubator within the Foundation and its dedication to promoting and developing technologies for Smart Cities & Communities in Lombardy.

In conclusion, Techinnova’s participation in the event represented a fundamental opportunity to strengthen our presence within the Cluster and to actively contribute to the promotion and development of technologies for Smart Cities & Communities in Lombardy. We are confident that our commitment and that of all Members of the Cluster will continue to bring positive results for the entire territory and for the communities that will benefit from the innovative technological solutions that will arise from the synergies of the Members.