Development of systems to protect and improve the health and quality of life of the senior citizen.

Creation of life-size 3D medical mockups from 2D diagnostic images provided by hospital project partners.

Light therapy designed to create intelligent and functional environments for the benefit of health and well-being.

Research and development of new models and technologies for assisting vulnerable and chronically ill individuals.

Development of smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors for constant monitoring of the health and wellness conditions.

Development of an intelligent infrastructure capable of providing remote assistance for fall monitoring in a domestic environment.

Development of an aquaponic system capable of producing marketable output from reusing and converting industrial byproducts.

Optimizing pathways for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease through the development of products and services based on 3D printable models of the heart as a tool to support surgical simulation.

Development of functional software and hardware components for 3D digital modeling of the human heart.

Implementation of a graphical interface for the visualization and handling of organs to support the diagnostic and training activities of medical personnel.

Establishment of a network of psychologists and counselors dedicated to provide support services to families of people suffering from ALS or SMA.

Development of a service platform that offers tourists tailor-made routes through the use of mixed reality technologies and advanced GPS system.

Use of satellite technologies for fair, rational and sustainable distribution of fertiliser and herbicide in rice farming.

Implementation of a pilot system integrated with monitoring systems functional to the aquaponic production chain for a transition towards circular economy models. Added value: Design and implementation of a prototype traceability system based on blockchain.

Use of blockchain technology within the meat production chain to guarantee the traceability of information related to the production and distribution processes of the product to the final consumer.

Creation of digital oasis to be located in parks throughout the Lombardy region. Each oasis will be equipped with self-sufficient digital systems, powered by photovoltaic energy produced also by means of smart cycle-pedestrian paths and integrated with vertical multi-service systems.

Participation in international B2B trade fairs with a focus on internationalization of the company network and dissemination of R&D project results.

Development of an innovative process – based on 3D Printing technologies – for the customised production of external support devices for medical and healthcare use.

Participation in international trade fairs in Lombardia  to promote initiatives useful for the creation of opportunities for meetings between the company and foreign entrepreneurs, aiming at attracting investments and promoting trade agreements.

Research and development of innovative resin materials for the creation – from 2D diagnostic images provided by project partner hospitals – of 3D medical mockups of the heart, simulating its actual size and physical properties.

Implementation of RoboNurse, an innovative robot in healthcare designed to provide personalized and timely assistance through precise and constant monitoring of user health and the surrounding environment.

Revolutionizing agriculture and fisheries by harnessing green hydrogen from animal and aquaculture by-products: H2E transforms conventional diesel engines, reducing carbon footprint in tractors and fishing boats.

The ET [Extended Technology] project enabled Techinnova to participate in the North Star Dubai 2023 and BIO Europe 2023 exhibitions.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


– Margaret Mead