Wanhao Duplicator 4s

This version has an all-metal structure for maximum printing precision with the best possible surface finishes. Thanks to the double extruder, there are no longer any technical limits to construction: you are only limited by your imagination. With the dual nozzle, it is possible to print not only in two colours, but also to construct print supports in water-soluble materials to produce every possible type of component without being limited by overhang angles and internal supports. To maximise productivity, you can also mount a large nozzle for the internal parts and use the small nozzle solely where high detail is required. In this way, you don’t have to compromise on anything: you have both speed of production and maximum precision.

CNC Laser Co2 50watt

High-performance laser engraving machine, suitable for both engraving and cutting operations. It engraves any organic and plastic material (except metal). It guarantees great versatility and rapid operation, allowing the customisation or production of many articles in just a few minutes.

Working area: 600 x 300 mm.

It has 2 laser pointers to facilitate the centering of objects. The compressed air flow is managed directly by the software.
Small fans have also been added in front to improve smoke expulsion. The machine has been designed to ensure that all the electrical components are isolated in a separate compartment, preventing them from being exposed to the dust and fumes caused by the production process.

Ciclop-Scanner 3D

Ciclop is a 3D triangulation rotary laser scanner. It uses the projection of 2 lasers which, when pointed at the rotating object on a rotating platform, capture its geometry and structure. The software used for operation, Horus, is a multiplatform application developed by BQ under the GPL licence. Through its interface it is possible to calibrate the scanner, adjust the camera exposure or view the set of points obtained.

The interaction with Horus is carried out through three workbenches: Component Control (camera, laser, motor and LDR), Scanner Calibration and Scanning.

Ultrasonic Cleaner PS30A

Ultrasonic Cleaner PS30A works by cavitation, which is a process of rapid formation and collapse of small bubbles in a liquid that under the influence of ultrasonic waves pass through a fluid and allow penetration and cleaning of cracks, holes, pores, perforations and undulations that are normally difficult to reach during manual cleaning. This allows an efficient cleaning of a product or prototype that can eventually be used for industrial production phases.

Microscopio Leica DMRB

Provides improved object identification through fluorescent illumination. It also allows the use of different illumination and dark field techniques, phase contrasts and condenser height adjustments.

Duplicator 7

Extremely compact and easy to use, the Duplicator 7 printer guarantees an unthinkable level of precision in a short space of time. Extremely easy to use, with the supplied software already configured, you just have to enjoy building objects. The printer uses light to harden the resin: with this technology the speed of construction is really high, but the accuracy of the components made is even greater.

Fresa Valex LND150

The Valex LND150 belt sander has a switch with a release coil to prevent accidental start-up when power is restored.

– Power: 375 W
– Belt speed: 276 m/min
– Belt: 910 x 100 mm
– Manual belt alignment
– Tilting belt surface: 0 – 90°.
– Disc: 1450 rpm
– Disc Ø: 150 mm
– Disc fixing by glue
– Tilting disc working surface up to 45°.
– Prepared dust extraction
– Supplied with geometric square
– Net weight: 12.5 kg
– Replacement belts and discs: Abrasive belt 1905078; Abrasive disc 1905096

Wanhao Duplicator D8

The Wanhao D8 – DLP produces exceptionally accurate 3D prints thanks to its large working area and its high level of precision and definition. Featuring easy and intuitive touch screen operation, it uploads 3D files via Wi-Fi or USB flash drive. Robust and precise, the printer guarantees high performance and is particularly suitable for creatives or designers. The integrated slicing system allows total control of all operations, and the Wanhao Duplicator D8 saves print files in wireless memory, avoiding SD cards or USB flash drives.

Unlike single extruder FDM printers or single laser beam SLAs, Wanhao D8 can print a whole level of models at once (up to 14 models in 1h), with 9% more light output than regular resin printers.

Creality CR-10 V3

The CR-10 V3 is the latest version of Creality’s popular CR-10 series. The Direct Drive Titan extruder minimizes the distance between the hot-end and the extruder, which allows the extruder to lead the filament directly into the nozzle. This makes extrusion more reliable if you want to work with flexible materials, such as TPU. Thanks to the dual hot-end fans, you get better heat dissipation and instant cooling, factors that reduce clogging and ensure high-quality patterns. In addition, the proven TMC 2208 stepper driver ensures more stable operation, as well as a huge reduction in motherboard noise. In addition, filament sensor optimization prevents printing errors due to filament breakage or material entanglement.

FabLab Ventilation Enclosure

ReP3D has created a special ventilation system made of PVC and plexiglass sheets that allows the lab team to work in a safe environment without worrying about unpleasant and potentially dangerous odors emitted by the resins during the printing process. Its specific design allows it to maintain a consistent over-all temperature of the printing area to ensure successful 3D printing. The insulated enclosure not only eliminates the unpleasant odor of SLA or DLP printers, but also improves print quality significantly, not to mention the significant noise reduction.

A remote monitoring system of printing operations has also been installed inside the facility, so that Fab Lab operators can constantly monitor printing developments or turn on and off the necessary devices via the dedicated app.

Post-processing Curing Kit

ReP3D has a complete post-processing curing kit for refining 3D printed parts. The kit consists of precision tools that allow you to work on the post production object to make it smooth and homogeneous. Among the many tools it includes:

  • a cutter for cutting off stubborn filaments and excess filament residue;
  • two UV light projectors for curing and repairing resin printed parts of different sizes or complexity;
  • different pliers suitable for removing the strands of the supports of the printed object of various sizes and materials with minimal damage;
  • sandpapers and scouring pads of different grits to sand and refine 3D mockups;
  • a portable sander for grinding, smoothing and polishing.
Extensive collection of 3D printing materials

ReP3D Lab provides its researchers not only with cutting-edge tools of the latest generation, but also with innovative materials for 3D printing. In particular, ReP3D has:

  1. Nylon and polyamide, commonly used in filament form for FDM or FFF processes
  2. ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), a thermopolymer widely used in this field because of its lightweight and rigidity
  3. PLA, a biodegradable plastic material used in resin form for DLP or SLA processes
    • an innovative mixture of resinous substances for 3D SLA and DLP printers, a technological know-how already patented by Techinnova together with other project partners has been applied to its preparation and use: this calibrated mixture of transparent elastic resin combined with organic materials derived from eco-circulation processes is particularly suitable for the printing of flexible and semi-flexible 3D objects.