It is with great excitement that Techinnova announces its participation in SMAU Milano 2022, which will be held on October 11 and 12 at the MiCo – Milano Convention Centerfrom 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.


SMAU Milano 2022 – with the presence of more than 120 startups and the most innovative corporations – reconfirms itself as a unique opportunity for startups and businesses to meet within the Italian panorama. Indeed, thanks to the proposal of more than 50 free workshops on the latest trends and a rich Live Show program, it offers participants the chance to discover new partners and ideas, thus giving companies the opportunity to build a network they can rely on for the future of their business.

The event, which will also feature technology solution providers, lecturers, analysts and industry experts, will provide participants with case histories covering the topics of innovation, sustainability, digital and cutting-edge technology.

It is in this setting that the Techinnova Team will have the opportunity to introduce their projects ROG, TRATOO, COMMITMENT and MYPONIC to major players of international caliber.

ROG is a highly interactive and responsive software application that allows users to perform virtual surgery simulation of the heart and other organs. Specifically, the software is able to digitize the organ in its true state and size through a patented method of generating 3D images of pathological tissues. The software, thus leveraging Virtual Reality and AI technologies, can locate the exact location of pathologies and allows users to interact with the organ and perform virtual surgical simulation activities. The project aims to strengthen the healthcare sector’s confidence in new technologies in order to accelerate their research, development and adoption to provide more and better care for patients in need.

TRATOO is a project that relates to the Sustainable Tourism sector and brings together three seemingly distant worlds: Culture, Technology and Mixed Reality. Through the use of advanced GPS tracking and Augmented Reality, TRATOO proposes a new approach to the tourism sector, allowing users to create tailor-made itineraries. This is how the digital technologies of AR and Mixed have been declined in the creation of an App for smartphones and state-of-the-art devices. The App is designed to offer visitors guided walking itineraries within cities of art, with the possibility of direct and fast enjoyment of architectural, artistic and cultural heritage: thanks to augmented reality, in fact, it is possible to have access to descriptions and 360-degree videos of monuments that are often difficult to access, such as many churches in Milan. The routes are customizable according to the needs and travel time the tourist can dedicate to the visit; this is thanks to a proprietary GPS tracking software module and the use of artificial intelligence methods to build the pedestrian itineraries.

COMMITMENT is a project that aims to improve the wellness of different categories of citizens through the development of smart T-shirts equipped with IoT sensors that can constantly monitor a person’s health and wellness conditions. Through an advanced online coaching system, the project seeks to keep more and more people active and healthy through advice that serves as motivational sources in order to make conscious and effective lifestyle changes themselves (Nudge Theory).

MYPONIC is an automated aquaponic system for residential use that uses a combination of biological and artificial systems with the aim of improving-both directly and indirectly-the physical and psychological state of the individual. Created within the Acqualife project as a result of the experience gained during the management of the Covid-19 outbreak, it was equipped with a set of selected plant components whose growth can benefit from the microhabitat created by the system, and selected fish species whose waste can be used as a source of fertilizer production. The system, which for this reason is capable of self-sustaining itself through the exploitation of its primary products and the enhancement of its secondary ones, then fulfills through the implementation and installation of IoT sensors an additional goal: the limitation of external end-user interventions. Precisely because of this ecofriendly approach in the desire to improve the psychophysical conditions of the individual, MyPonic’s target markets are to be traced back to those of green design and wellness.

SMAU Milano 2022 therefore proves to be the ideal context for Techinnova to interact, compare and present, on a global level, its innovative projects in the medical, tourism and ecological fields.