The Campus of the Ural Institute of Management Branch of RANEPA (the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) became one of the venues of the International Street Art Festival “Stenografia”, organised by the Yekaterinburg administration. The theme of the festival is “A Festival of People Who Care”.

On the 14th of July at 9AM, the embellishment of the student hostel’s sidewall located on the corner of Marta Street and Dekabristov Street has started. As the technique requires, the first step is priming. A joint team of street artists from Russia and Italy will work for five days. The creator of the artwork is one of the world-known Italian artist in the field of urban art – Roberto Ciredz.

Last year, he made a brilliant display at the Street Art Festival in Rouen, France, where he presented a 10×20 metre canvas depicting global warming. Roberto’s creative space in Ekaterinburg is much larger – about 500 square metres. The campus building at the Ural Institute of Management will use the artist’s signature colour scheme – a combination of shades of blue. Some might see it as a hint of the modern “cloudy” world, others might think about the lack of tolerance and the fact that we all differ from one another at the level of half-tones. Some will be reminded of the outer space by the structure’s glass windows and balconies (that could be imagined as a spaceship). Roberto Ciredz himself says that his inspiration comes from the breathtaking nature of Sardinia, whose figurative perception is combined with urban forms through mathematics and geometry. To put it simply, volumes and graphic concepts are defined by the city, while the colour scheme is inspired by the impressionable Sardinian nature.

It should be noted that the stenography project for the UIU campus – branch of RANEPA was sponsored by the Italian company Techinnova S.p.A., an innovative start-up incubator certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. The negotiations between Dmitry Maslennikov (Deputy Director of the RANEPA Institute) and Riccardo Roggeri (founder and CEO of Techinnova) started at the largest Russian industrial expo INNOPROM 2021. The agreement was established during the subsequent visit of Riccardo Roggeri and Clara Bernasco (International Affairs Manager) to the RANEPA Institute.

The project, which will cover a 36 metres high and 14 metres wide wall, will last until the evening of the 18th of July. It will be one of the largest venues for the Stenografia street art festival.

As decided by the mayor of Yekaterinburg, Alexei Orlov, the festival will end on the 31st of August 2021.

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