On 4 March 2021 will be held the initiative “We are looking for aspiring innovative entrepreneurs”, the webinar presentation of the Notice “Team Selection” and of the Factories in the area of Human and Environmental Health.

During the meeting, divided into a first part in the morning and a second part in the afternoon, will be illustrated the opportunities offered to aspiring innovative entrepreneurs by the Notice “Selezione Team” and presented the services of the Factories of the Area Salute dell’Uomo e dell’Ambiente, which will accompany in their process of entrepreneurial growth Teams with projects in sectors including, for example, agribusiness, health and pharmaceuticals, green and blue economy.

The webinar is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the value of the proposals of the Factories involved and of the entire Extraction of Talents initiative and to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to interact with the Factories: at the end of each of the two sessions, in fact, they will be able to meet with the representatives of the groups (the Factories) that best suit their needs, through parallel sessions of dedicated online one-to-one meetings.