Who We Are

Techinnova was founded in 2007 in Varese and Milan, based on the ten-year experience of its founder, Riccardo Roggeri, as a consulting company which provide professional advice for start-up companies in the Biotechnology and ICT sectors.

Since then, Techinnova has supported companies in various sectors: food processing, new materials, energy and environment, manufacturing.

Techinnova cooperates with aspiring companies in the early stages of the creation and management of academic start-ups and spin-offs.

In 2008 Techinnova became a member of its first academic spin-off and in 2009 Techinnova became the official CRTT branch and specialized in the development and implementation of mathematical-statistical and economic-financial models.

In 2010 it managed the first internal SNA R&D project and in 2011 took part in the first joint R&D project on SMEs / Medium-sized companies.

In 2012, the company established the SIAS (servizi integrati per l’agroalimentare e la salute) commercial networks  and OMNES (servizi ambientali per la rete di monitoraggio degli odori).

In 2013 Techinnova opened a new office in Modena. In 2014 it was among the founders of the Lomelline Agricultural Rice District.

In 2015 Techinnova was one of the founders of Smart Cities & Communities Cluster, has been certified by the Ministry of Economic Development as an incubator of innovative start-ups and has created its Coworking space and its Fablab “Innogrow” in Milan.

In 2016 it started the first crowdfunding investment campaign as a professional investor and developed the first commercial product through rapid prototyping.

In 2017 Techinnova opened its offices in Potenza, joined the Export Manager Mise list and invested in 7 innovative start-ups.


Our mission is to facilitate the birth and growth of new high-tech businesses and help to consolidate existing ones through the provision of low-cost and high value-added services, with the possibility of making agreements with entrepreneurs for a risk sharing. Through state-of-the-art technologies and innovative management models, Techinnova wants to assist the process of optimizing the following sectors: production, research, networking and marketing of the Italian high-tech companies, and also the European ones.

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