Thanks to the funding obtained from the Regione Lombardia within the Regional Operational Program POR FESR 2014-2020 (co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund), since 2020 Techinnova has taken part, compatibly with the health emergency caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic, in numerous international trade fairs, during which it has been able to present the results of the highly innovative Research and Development Projects it has been the creator of as lead partner or technology partner.

The trade fairs it participated in were:

World Wide Winning (WWW)

Recipient: Techinnova S.p.A.

Initiative implemented under Priority Axis III – Promoting the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Goal: Investment in growth and employment

Action III.3.B.1.1 – Export promotion projects, aimed at enterprises and their aggregated forms on a territorial or sectoral basis

Project Description: Participation in international B2B fairs with a view to internationalizing the business network and disseminating the results of R&D projects

Techinnova has used the fairs as a tool for dissemination and raising awareness with respect to the results of R&D projects it coordinates or is a part of. Examples include the MMM (ROG) project, which was realized through a partnership with Swiss companies; the CircularPonic and Acqualife projects, which found the interest of the international community during the fairs; and the COMMITMENT project, which was realized thanks to the important collaboration activity with foreign companies, crucial in the supply of products and services. Other projects of startups incubated by Techinnova were presented both during the fairs and during B2B meetings organized and followed in the same fair contexts.

The correct diversification of the choice of events made possible a wide expansion of its market, the assumption of greater risks related to possible investments in “disruptive innovation”, and, where products were considered interesting and inherent to the context of international markets in research and development, the very possibility of building, as really happened in the cases of internationalization in Switzerland, at Expo Dubai, in Las Vegas and in Russia, new collaborative relationships.

The new partnerships and collaborations that have arisen in international exhibition contexts as a result of the worldwide dissemination of trends, ideas and new issues have proven to be excellent positive and effective responses to the ongoing phenomenon of globalization.

In this regard, the theme of experience has played a key role: contact with cutting-edge products from the Biotech and Medtech sectors, live participation in demonstrations made possible with new machinery and tools, as well as strong interest in the theme of blockchain, IoT sensor technology and artificial intelligence, have made it possible to share results directly with international stakeholders and, hence, the consequent and physiological increase in “turnover”.

The new partnerships forged with Universities, Foundations and Technological, Industrial and Financial Partners have enabled cost reduction, increased efficiency related to higher production volume and, in addition to this, the increase in new investments directed by partner entities – as in the case of the American University in Dubai (AUD) or Skolkovo Foundation, which have represented added value at the international level.

Ultimately, in the course of the B2B meetings that took place at the various events and fairs, Techinnova was able to optimize marketing processes, building economies of scale, with a cascading effect and return on the economic and social benefits for the research world of its network.