Yesterday, 16 June, the three “Smart Cities” themed project teams considered worthy of the acceleration path offered by Techinnova, through the Innogrow accelerator, were announced.

The announcement took place between 15.00 and 16.30 within the space dedicated to XLR8, the Contest included in the schedule of the innovative themed event Smart City Now – Conference & Expo 2021 organized by Fondazione Cluster Tecnologie per le Smart Cities & Communities – Lombardia.

The assignment of the acceleration packages to the three deserving companies took place after the presentation of the innovative projects on the theme of “Smart Cities” illustrated by each of the teams:

  • Wallled s.r.l. was assessed as deserving of the ADVANCED voucher, the acceleration package – in work-for-equity mode – worth €25,000 for acceleration services and consultancy to be carried out over a maximum period of 18 months.
  • CriPax Creations S.r.l.s. was awarded the INTERMEDIATE voucher, the acceleration package – in work for equity mode – worth €10,000 for acceleration services and consultancy to be carried out over a maximum period of 12 months.
  • Enfinergy (pre-revenue start-up) was considered worthy of the STARTER voucher, the acceleration package – in work for equity mode – worth €5,000 for acceleration services and consultancy to be carried out over a maximum period of 6 months.

Below are the results of the assessments conducted by Techinnova’s internal team for each of the deserving teams.

The Wallled team has been able to combine its lighting expertise with the engineering skills of dry construction in an original and innovative way.

A company specialised in the design and production of LED lighting fixtures embedded in structure or cladding systems, Wallled has taken the evolution of technologies to the next step. Wallled profiles, in fact, are an evolution of the traditional lamps embedded in walls, counter walls and false ceilings: incandescent lamps were suitable for concrete and brick constructions; the LED lamp is instead optimally adapted to drywall constructions.

Combining simplicity, elegance and technical innovation, Wallled’s team follows in detail all the design phases of the lighting profiles, in order to guarantee several advantages to the professionals: a streamlining of the installation processes; more order and cleanliness in the structure; more control to the designers; guarantee of quality and compatibility of all the products used to achieve the final result.

In particular, Wallled’s merit should be recognised in the unique ability of its team to integrate the advantages of LED technology not only with lighting management systems, but also with the requirements of BIM (Building Information Modeling) design. Wallled’s solutions provide benefits that go beyond simple lighting: Wallled’s goal is to reshape the relationship with our cities – which aspire to become increasingly smart – and with our workspaces, thus guiding us towards a sustainable future.

The CRIPAX Creations team has demonstrated its ability to innovatively apply its knowledge and skills in 3D technologies to the “Smart Cities” theme. Through the use of dynamic configurators, as well as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality techniques, CRIPAX has been able to make its project visible and comprehensible to all, which proposes to encourage citizens to actively participate in urban development: community feedback thus becomes an integral part of the project planning process.

It is true: 2D drawings or renderings can also be used to share plans for the development of an urban space, but with different results. It is not taken for granted that an ordinary citizen without specific skills can read a technical drawing; moreover, renderings often show a distorted view of what will be the real final result (through attractive viewpoints, but not experienced by a pedestrian). Configurators, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, on the other hand, offer a more realistic view of the project and how it fits into the existing environment.

The 1:1 view, the human perspective and the possibility to walk through the new space allow an egocentric and not allocentric vision of the planned projects. Based on subjective experience, more informed judgements can be made about factors such as lighting or the visual impact of new buildings.

But that is not all. CRIPAX has also been able to implement dynamic configurators capable of designing furniture or architectural solutions. The powerful rendering engine, the speed and ease of use of CRIPAX configurators allow to show high quality previews of any environment: features that make CRIPAX solutions effective marketing and sales tools.

Augmented and Virtual Reality thus facilitate participatory planning processes through more immersive and democratic experiences.

Enfinergy‘s international team has distinguished itself by the degree of innovation of its solutions in the field of grid-supplied renewable energy. All Enfinergy Smart Power products use intelligent energy management algorithms, not only saving on energy costs, but also providing an unparalleled user experience in terms of control and security.

First and foremost, Enfinergy’s Smart Power solutions have distinguished themselves by their reliability. They provide extraordinary grid flexibility, ensuring that consumers have the power they need in the face of any eventuality: grid failures or rapid changes in demand during the day are managed by providing immediate backup power.

Smart Power solutions are also environmentally friendly, storing excess electricity so that photovoltaic or wind power production is not wasted, helping to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Enfinergy’s efforts and vision for a “green” future were rewarded above all: Enfinergy’s is a green renewable energy perspective, in which the world’s electricity needs are mostly covered by renewable energy sources.