In the last week of September 2022, Techinnova – supported by the Innogrow accelerator – came back to Dubai, in the same venue where the incubator has already taken part in several trade missions over the past 12 months. These business missions aimed not only to present to potential investors, partners or entrepreneurial groups its main R&D projects in the field of Aquaponics, but also to consolidate and deepen existing collaborations with its Emirati counterparts.

With reference to the latter purpose, Techinnova’s Operations Team – in the wake of the collaboration agreement signed at the end of 2021 with the prestigious American University in Dubai (AUD) – met with three other new innovative startups, incubated by AEIC (AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center) accelerator and determined to participate in XLR8 International, the contest launched on purpose by Techinnova – through the Innogrow accelerator – and aimed at the most deserving innovation talents.

Moreover, the opportunity to meet again vis-à-vis the Founders of the other ten startups already involved in the joint cooperation program coordinated by Techinnova-AEIC was not forgotten: it was an important moment of comparison and update of the activities, as well as planning of the next steps to be carried out together, in a fruitful relationship of collaboration totally synergic.


Born from the idea of promoting the matching between potential new startups and the already existing technology portfolio, the XLR8 International contest focuses on fostering paths of business internationalization – both inbound and outbound – according to Open Innovation and Technology Transfer logics. In particular, the aim of the agreement between Techinnova and AEIC is to invest in the startups with the highest degree of “disruptive innovation” reported by the American University in Dubai.

In addition, as a Certified Innovative Startup Incubator, Techinnova strives to bring out and capitalize on the most innovative solutions developed within individual startups, among which fruitful synergies can also emerge. Finally, the Company aims to foster matching between Italian startups and Dubai-based startups, with a view to creating joint R&D projects and promoting softlanding programs for Italian and Emirati startups.