HealthTech Revolution: Innovation in healthcare begins with RoboNurse.


Within the HEiPS project (Healthcare Enhancement through Intelligent Personalized Solutions) context, Techinnova is proud to introduce RoboNurse, the outcome of an international collaboration between SMEs and Innovative Startups.

RoboNurse embodies the shared commitment to promote technological innovation for enhancing healthcare and the well-being of the elderly.

RoboNurse’s Mission.

RoboNurse is more than just a robot. It is a comprehensive solution designed to provide personalized and timely assistance by combining advanced sensor systems and intelligent algorithms to monitor user health and the surrounding environment.

RoboNurse aims to enhance the quality and timeliness of healthcare through precise and continuous monitoring, ensuring an immediate response to individual needs.

Equipped with advanced sensor systems, RoboNurse can follow predefined paths, detect obstacles along the way, and react promptly to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals benefiting from RoboNurse’s solutions. With environmental sensors, the robot constantly monitors parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and altitude, intervening automatically, for example, in case of dangerous levels of CO2.

HEiPS – RoboNurse

Beneficiary: Techinnova S.p.A.

Initiative implemented under Axis I – Promoting the development and competitiveness of the Lombardy economic system

Objective: To foster the development of innovative solutions, products, and/or services centered on new skills and digital technologies as outlined in the National Transition Plan 4.0

Project Description: Implementation of RoboNurse, an innovative robot in healthcare designed to provide personalized and timely assistance through precise and constant monitoring of user health and the surrounding environment.

A System of Integrated Technologies.

RoboNurse stands out for a series of innovative features and functionalities that make it a unique robotic solution:

  • Data Processing & Control Unit: Two independent yet interconnected control units coordinate RoboNurse’s movement and environmental and personal parameter monitoring, ensuring optimal information management in terms of processing power and speed.
  • Line Follower & Obstacle Detection Algorithms: Advanced sensors enable RoboNurse to follow predefined paths and detect obstacles, allowing the robot to adopt alternative routes for autonomous, smooth, and safe movement.
  • Continuous Environmental Monitoring: RoboNurse, equipped with environmental sensors, constantly monitors parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, and the presence of hazardous gases like CO2, activating the air filtration system automatically when needed.
  • Automated Air Filtration System: HEPA filters, combined with activated carbon and cotton filters, ensure clean and safe air in any environment, contributing to the physical well-being of users.


Along its path, RoboNurse identifies Health Monitoring Stations, where it provides personalized assistance, including vital parameter measurements and the administration of prescribed medications.

Thanks to integration with intelligent devices like the “smart T-shirt,” the robot offers continuous health monitoring, ensuring comprehensive and targeted care.


Synergistic Monitoring: Integration and Interconnection with Other “Smart” Devices.

An added value of RoboNurse is its integration and interconnection with other “smart platforms,” such as the “smart T-shirt” developed within the COMMITMENT project.

Through this synergy between IoT-based devices, RoboNurse can offer users complete health monitoring cycles. In case of anomalies detected by the smart T-shirt sensors, RoboNurse intervenes by providing appropriate treatments or improving environmental conditions through the air purification system.

The simultaneous use of COMMITMENT smart T-shirts and RoboNurse represents an innovative method of health monitoring and timely intervention.


Cloud Connectivity for Simplified Monitoring.

Data collected by RoboNurse are transferred and stored on an IoT platform, allowing users to aggregate, visualize, and analyze real-time data streams in the cloud (accessible from any Internet-connected device), facilitating management and interpretation.


The HEiPS project and the creation of RoboNurse are the result of an international partnership between SMEs and Innovative Startups.