In a rapidly evolving world where innovation, inclusion, and inspiration are the driving forces behind success, the Techinnova team is delighted to announce that its sister company, Techinnova DMCC, based in Dubai, is gearing up to invest in the Emirati startup, Happiness Redefined FZ-LLC. This marks a new and further step in the realm of sustainable and socially impactful investments.

Happiness Redefined is much more than just a simple startup; it is a beacon of positive change, a bold idea seeking to redefine the concept of happiness, spreading joy, and inspiring people.

More specifically, the Happiness Redefined project arises from the personal experience of one of its founders, Pulkit Chopra, a “Person of Determination” (PoD) who has faced the challenges of disability and inclusion. Pulkit came to understand the importance of genuine economic inclusion and financial independence in achieving true societal inclusion.

While there is a global movement towards more inclusive workplaces, many “People of Determination” (PoDs) still struggle to fully integrate due to specific health-related barriers that make it challenging to access traditional work environments. However, this circumstance cannot and must not exclude them from the opportunity to actively contribute to society, as the fundamental idea is that each of us has acquired valuable skills through years of dedication and practice, skills that deserve to be economically valued.

This is where the Happiness Redefined project comes into play, with its eloquent motto, “Creativity for Inclusion“, and its mission “Creating beautiful handmade products and building sustainable economic independence for People of Determination.” The project aims to provide an online platform that effectively showcases the skills of PoDs and sells their handcrafted products, from heartfelt holiday greeting cards to various enchanting handmade artifacts that these individuals create with unwavering dedication.


As proof of the extraordinary commitment demonstrated, during the last presentation event held on October 23rd at AEIC – AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, the Happiness Redefined startup exceeded all expectations, recording exceptional sales of artisanal greeting cards created by remarkably skilled artists. The community of the American University in Dubai Business School has shown outstanding support, confirming that the mission of Happiness Redefined, of which Techinnova is proud to be a part, has already touched the hearts of many.


Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting collaboration between Techinnova DMCC and Happiness Redefined. Together, we aim to redefine the parameters of “happiness” and “social inclusion,” with an impact that extends from the United Arab Emirates to the entire world.

This investment is part of the collaboration agreement with the prestigious American University in Dubai and within the framework of the cooperative project carried out in collaboration with AEIC – AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center.