It is with great enthusiasm that Techinnova announces the Open Day – Workshop Presentation Day event, scheduled for June 29th at Spazio Culturale SC3 Milano, the incubator’s new operational location.


During this day, visitors to the Space – whether they are established professionals eager to enrich their knowledge base, ambitious students, or simple industry enthusiasts – will have the opportunity to preview the workshops that will take place from September 2023 at Spazio SC3. This new space, born out of the collaboration between IDUNA Studio, Immobiliare Falco and Techinnova, represents a cutting-edge environment, a true laboratory of social, inclusive, circular and innovative design. Not only that, it is a place where creativity merges with technology and entrepreneurship, and where sustainable and disruptive innovation is promoted.

At the event, Techinnova and partner entities in its network will present the rich program of workshops that will be dedicated to SC3 users starting this fall and will cover a wide range of topics, offering opportunities for learning and growth in different areas of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

The Open Day marks the first step toward creating a vibrant and dynamic hub where art, design, entrepreneurship, 3.0 solutions and digital innovation converge in a space for meeting and collaboration, the ideal place to connect with minds as curious as they are brilliant, explore new ideas and fuel one’s passion for innovation.

The workshops will offer an immersive and interactive experience, led by experienced and passionate speakers who will share their knowledge as well as their professional perspectives. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into specific topics, gain practical skills and develop new perspectives that will help them face the challenges of the contemporary world.


The Spazio Culturale SC3 Milano, located at 3 Via Scutari, in the Turro district, NoLo (North of Loreto) area, represents a true crossroads of creativity and innovation. Its prime location, close to San Raffaele Hospital and Liceo Artistico Caravaggio, makes it an ideal place to foster the meeting of young talents, stimulate new perspectives and create meaningful connections in the context of collaboration between young people and businesses.

The June 29th event will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the workshops in detail, each of which will be presented by the speaker himself who will lead the sessions scheduled for fall 2023.


For more information on the full list of workshops and for more information, please visit the dedicated web page:

To register for the Open Day, we ask you to register through the following link:

We look forward to welcoming you at the Spazio Culturale SC3 Milano. We look forward to seeing you there to share a day of inspiration and discovery together!