Techinnova is pleased to announce the filing of a new patent application in Italy, titled “Self-propelled robot and its method of operation” (application number: 102024000009328).

This patent marks a significant advancement for our innovative HEiPS robot line, which includes advanced health and safety solutions such as the Droide MSE-6 (recently developed into the more advanced Watchman) and RoboNurse.

The newly filed patent introduces key innovations that enhance the capabilities of the self-propelled robots in the HEiPS line. These include improvements in autonomous navigation systems, intelligent energy management, and advanced sensor integration.

Specifically, in terms of navigation, the new system allows the robots to have a 360° view, enabling them to move precisely in complex environments along predetermined or remote-controlled paths, avoiding obstacles and dynamically adapting to any surrounding changes. The sensors equipped on the robots are designed to perform spatial scans at lower sampling frequencies compared to market competitors. This results in reduced computational power requirements, ensuring not only the maintenance of full functionality of the obstacle detection system but also improving the reliability and speed of processing operations. This way, most unnecessary sensor data recorded by traditional systems, which unnecessarily burden the control and data processing unit, are eliminated.

Regarding sensor integration, the advanced sensors allow Watchman and RoboNurse to accurately monitor environmental and physiological parameters, enhancing their ability to provide real-time responses.

As for energy efficiency, the robots are equipped with an optimized energy management system, ensuring prolonged and reliable operation. The robots feature a load control unit that anticipates and manages power surges to avoid undesirable voltage drops. This power management system optimizes energy use, reducing consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional robots.

This new patent further strengthens Techinnova’s position as a leader in technological innovation for health and safety.

The HEiPS robot line is the result of extensive research and collaborations with Italian and international startups and SMEs, committed to defining new standards in the field of robotic solutions.

Stay tuned for further updates.