Fondazione Cariplo promotes the recovery and reutilisation of disused spaces through the open call for proposals “Spaces in Transformation“: €3.5 million to support reuse processes aimed at experimenting with new cultural functions; the aim is to return these places to the use of the community in the long term.

With this call for proposals, Fondazione Cariplo is embracing the prospect of transitional reuse, an approach which, by listening to the communities concerned, allows for the bottom-up definition of new uses for spaces.

Given the experimental nature of the call for proposals presented on 25 June, Fondazione Cariplo has organised – in synergy with the company KCity – two cycles of webinars dedicated to providing organisations interested in participating in “Spaces in Transformation” with training opportunities on the subject of transitional reuse.

The first cycle will be delivered in the second half of July 2021, according to the programme illustrated in the following link: