As a MiMIT-certified innovative startup incubator, Techinnova S.p.A. is pleased to announce its investment in innovative startup Connecteam S.r.l., implemented through its Innogrow accelerator program.

Why did we invest?

Connecteam S.r.l. is a startup specializing in the development, production, and commercialization of cutting-edge products and services characterized by high technological value, with a particular focus on information systems, including the creation of softwares and online platforms.

Specifically, the company is involved in the development and commercialization of an innovative computing platform that leverages the integration of cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence to generate empathetic virtual assistants. These avatars are able to interact with users by processing sentences and words in natural language, interpreting, generating and reproducing verbal and nonverbal aspects of conversation, including movements and moods.

The main purpose of the innovative startup is to optimize key business processes in the areas of customer care, marketing, and enterprise data analytics management by promoting and facilitating user interaction through the implementation in virtual assistants of advanced learning systems via Machine Learning and Deep Learning, risk and customer satisfaction assessment systems, data security management systems, and AR, VR, and MR technologies.

By interacting with potential customers and answering common questions, the avatar will directly guide the customer to the landing page to formalize the sale, make an appointment with the salesperson or request a contact, thus making business processes faster and more effective.

Connecteam’s project is designed for companies that wish to digitalize part of their sales process through the use of a virtual assistant, embracing an increasingly smart approach.