As a MiMIT-certified innovative startup incubator, Techinnova S.p.A. is pleased to announce its investment in innovative startup YCona S.r.l., implemented through its Innogrow accelerator program.

Why did we invest?

YCona S.r.l. is an innovative benefit startup having as its purpose the energy redevelopment of Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi and Officine ICO – Officine Olivetti in Ivrea, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The focus of this initiative is the recovery and regeneration of the two Olivetti sites, with the primary objective of preserving their invaluable historical and cultural heritage and adapting them to the needs of contemporary society.

The redevelopment interventions will originate long-term energy savings, thanks to the optimization of energy systems and the introduction of sustainable and renewable technologies in the Officine ICO. The spaces thus redeveloped will be used by Mavel, a company specializing in the production of electric-powered traction technologies and systems (e-powertrain) in the automotive, motorcycle, nautical, and other sectors related to electric mobility.

Ycona S.r.l.’s project is thus based on three basic pillars: Redevelopment, Urban Regeneration and Sustainability. The purpose is to develop a winning model for the future, synergistically combining environmental benefits and economic-social advantages, thus creating a positive long-term impact.