Techinnova S.p.A. has achieved a milestone on December 20, 2023, by successfully finalizing the merger and acquisition of Effetto Cinema S.r.l.

“This significant move”, according to CEO Riccardo Roggeri, “marks a pivotal stride in Techinnova’s ongoing strategy to broaden its technological prowess and knowledge base. The ultimate aim is to provide increasingly robust support to its network of incubated and accelerated companies, streamlining their path towards growth”.

The extensive, multi-decade experience and expertise held by Effetto Cinema in scientific and social communication come at a pivotal moment for Techinnova, since the company is currently experiencing a robust surge towards European and Middle Eastern markets.

Particularly noteworthy is Effetto Cinema’s recent Research & Development project, AI4Media, which promises to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into Techinnova’s operations. This integration is especially targeted at cutting-edge multimedia dissemination projects, where Techinnova leads the way.

Effetto Cinema’s diverse experiences in the film industry and broader involvement in social projects conducted alongside associations offer a promising outlook for 2024. These experiences are seen as opening new vistas for Techinnova in high-impact social projects. The synergy between the competencies of both companies is anticipated to significantly drive progress and innovation in the realm of multimedia communication and applied technology.